Our Green Box Program

You may have noticed the green boxes outside of the Table or students and staff meandering through the dining hall filling their boxes with a delicious meal. These reusable boxes are a part of what we call our Green Box program. In an effort to tackle plastic waste head-on we have replaced disposable containers with reusable boxes. This shift not only reduces our environmental footprint but also promotes sustainable practices among our students and staff alike. Disposable plastics contribute significantly to pollution and harm wildlife, whereas reusable boxes offer a durable, eco-friendly alternative that minimizes waste generation.

Choosing reusable boxes over disposables is a proactive step towards sustainability. It cuts down on raw material consumption, lowers energy use in production, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with both manufacturing and waste disposal. This transition supports a circular economy where resources are conserved, waste is minimized, and environmental impacts are mitigated, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and preserve natural ecosystems.

If you are wondering how the program works, we’ve included our green box policy here:

Patrons purchase a reusable green box container for $5.00, which they use for any food taken out of The Table. They can return the used container for a clean one or receive a token for a future clean container. Dine-in patrons with a reusable container must purchase an additional meal if they want to take food to go. These policies aim to encourage sustainability and reduce single-use packaging.

  1. Purchase of Reusable Container:

– Patrons can purchase a reusable green box container for $5.00.

– This container is specifically required for any food that patrons wish to take out of The Table.


  1. Dine-In vs. To-Go:

– Meals at The Table are categorized as either “dine in” or “to go.”

– If a patron intends to take their food to go, they must use the reusable container they purchased.

– Patrons who have a reusable container and choose to dine in are subject to purchasing a second meal if they also intend to take food to go.


  1. Returning the Reusable Container:

– Patrons can return their used reusable containers for a clean one during their next visit to The Table.

– Alternatively, patrons can opt for a token instead of a clean container, which can be redeemed for a clean container at a future visit at no additional charge.


  1. Enjoy a Greener Dining Experience:

– The Table appreciates your cooperation with these policies to promote sustainability and reuse.