we make local easy

It all starts in our community. Our culinarians and sustainability teams take pride in working with local food systems, along with third party certified suppliers across the country to ensure we are sourcing our food the right way. Our sustainability efforts don’t stop there. We work hard to utilizing reusables and compostable materials in our restaurants, ensure that our facilities follow sustainable practices, and align ourselves with the goals of our campus and community.

contributing to a responsible food system

Our dining team strives every day to create a responsible dining program. From working to minimize waste, support local partners with responsible sourcing, and creating green dining facilities, we are always looking for new ways to care for our world through a sustainable food system.

Our team is passionate about incorporating local, seasonal ingredients into menus as much as possible. Ranger Dining has implemented a preferential purchasing system that identifies food grown or produced within 150 miles, and its sustainable attributes. Local produce is harvested closest to its peak for a fresher, more flavorful nutrient-filled result. Not only do local foods tend to be fresher, local purchasing reduces transportation-related carbon emissions and invests money into community-based operations. Look for locally grown signage to taste the best flavors our area has to offer, celebrate the season selections, and support the local efforts of our community!

waste minimization

Through reusables, compostables, and recyclable materials, our teams strive to reduce waste in all forms. Harvest Table at Regis is also enrolled in compost and recycle programs that allows us to repurpose food waste.

Changing the world from disposable to reusable one meal at a time with Green Box To-Go containers.

The Green Box Solution is a system that begins with a one-time purchase at The Table at Regis.  With their purchases guests receive a green box or a token they can use during their next visit to redeem a box.

Guests bring their container to The Table and can fill it with food to take their meal to go.

Once they are done with the meal, the container can be returned to The Table where we will take care of the cleaning process.  In exchange for the container guests can receive another green box or a token to redeem their clean green box at a later date!

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