Harvest Table Culinary Group at Regis University

Harvest Table is, at its core, a group of culinarians dedicated to transforming the freshest local and sustainably sourced ingredients into authentic food experiences for its guests.

What’s different about Harvest Table is its individualized approach: the ability to collaborate with the local farmers, vendors, and schools in order to cater to each community’s specific wants and needs.


Our fresh, vibrant, responsibly sourced food features exciting flavors from down the street and around the globe.

Culinary Commitments

Our chefs are not just cooks proficient in technique and flavor development–they are educators, environmental stewards, wellness advocates, and innovators. They place Harvest Table’s culinary commitments front and center as pantry lists of ingredients and recipe collections are developed to serve guests at each of our unique locations.

Sourcing Standards

Our culinary teams work with only high-quality ingredients, responsibly sourced and carefully chosen to bring out their individual flavors.

Kitchen Standards

Our chefs create local pantry lists in order to develop unique recipe collections that utilize the freshest regional ingredients.


World-class chefs, food enthusiasts, and hospitality teams create more avenues to community, personal fulfillment, and healthy living.

Specialized & Attentive Service

Every member of our culinary and hospitality teams is passionate about delivering authentic, unforgettable experiences.

Tech-Enabled Access

Technology enhances each guest’s experience when it comes to convenience and customization.

Options for Every Lifestyle

We take a dynamic, collaborative approach to meeting special dietary needs and encouraging active participation in making healthy choices.


We do more than serve the community – we become a part of it.

Environments Designed for Collaboration

Central to any inspiring food experience is the environment in which it’s served. Each of our welcoming and dynamic venues encourages conversation and togetherness.

Connections Made Through Food

Our local teams organize unique, food-themed events throughout the year. By bringing people together for food and fun, we build lasting community connections. In addition to purchasing from local farms and businesses, we also partner with local community organizations, supporting food donations, organizing seasonal food drives, and participating in other hands-on volunteer activities