Here at Ranger Dining, Local Matters

Here at Harvest Table, we are committed to the communities we serve. Ensuring a minimum 20% of our ingredients are locally grown, harvested or produced is one of our brand promises. Local to us means within a 150-mile radius to keep food fresh and local businesses thriving. We build these relationships on a foundation of love for fresh nutrient-dense food options.

While we know that the type of food we consume has a greater impact on our carbon footprint than where it came from. We believe that each step we take in the direction of sustainability matters and that each product we purchase locally helps to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Ranger Dining sources fruits and vegetables that are in season for the region, bread from local bakeries, meat and animal products locally. 

While Colorado winters make it a bit tricky to purchase fresh produce locally in the colder months there are always several brands that remain staples in our dining hall throughout the year. These include but are not limited to Aspen Ridge Beef, Red Bird Chicken, Meadow Gold Dairy, Bluepoint Bakery and Harvest Moon bread products. Each of these brands provides food that you’ll find on a daily basis at The Table. Ranger Dining continues to build these connections with local businesses in the Denver community so stay on the lookout for new local brands in our facilities!

To learn more about Harvest Table’s commitment to local: Keeping Sustainability at the Core (