Did you know that roughly 33 million TONS of perfectly usable vegetables never make it to our tables, aka end up in landfills? Jaw drop, am I right?

This is why I think we need a moment to talk about the broth we recently brought onto Ranger Dining, Matriark Foods.

Matriark Foods is a women-owned and operated company with a mission to scale access to healthy food for the benefit of people AND the environment.

So, how are they doing it? By using what was formally deemed as unusable.

Matriark takes the misshapen vegetables that would normally never be harvested and turns them into food products.

They also work with fresh-cut facilities to utilize cut remnants that would normally end up in the trash.

Each carton of broth makes 2.25 gallons. (Think about how much smaller the packaging can be as a result).

Each carton diverts .9 pounds of waste from the landfill.

We’re very excited to partner with Matriark.

Next time you’re in the dining hall try one of our delicious soups. You’ll feel better knowing it’s made from a product that is having a direct impact on greenhouse gases.

A 2.23 pound reduction in greenhouse gases to be exact.