Now Serving Coolfoods at Ranger Dining

Did you know that the food system is responsible for up to one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions? If you are like us that stat makes you think. It might also inspire you to ask the question that we did, how can we help?

Asking this question led Harvest Table to coolfood. “Coolfood” is an initiative formed by the World Resource Institute, serving organizations in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to food production. Coolfoods are those that are plant-rich which have a lower carbon emission than animal-based meals. As a side note if you’re new to this terminology, carbon emission is one of the greenhouse gases that absorb radiation and prevent heat from escaping our planet, contributing to global warming.

Coolfood certified meals have emissions that are 38% lower than the average meal, so Harvest Table took the natural next step, getting our recipes coolfood certified by the World Resource Institute.

In order to become certified there is a step by step process we must follow. It looks like this:

  1. Harvest Table submits ingredients and recipes to coolfood.
  2. Coolfood does detailed calculations on a per meal basis.
  3. If the meal’s carbon emissions are below the predetermined carbon allowances, they are eligible to be a coolfood.
  4. Meals are then run through a nutriscore calculator and only recipes in the top categories are accepted.
  5. Certified meals then get displayed on our website (Menu & Hours – Ranger Dining), posted on our Instagram story (follow @ranger_dining) daily and displayed on menu boards. Look for the green cf next time you visit the Table!

These plant-based meals are now offered several times each week at The Table in an effort to provide students with choice. The choice to have an environmental impact with each meal.  We hope to continue increasing the availability of these offerings and hope they are well received by the student population!

We hope that through continued education and continuous exposure to coolfood certified foods we can ignite a conversation within the student body about how personal choice can impact current climate initiatives and improve the overall wellbeing of the community. If you want to continue to propel this conversation forward share this article with a friend who will be dining with us at The Table!

With a shared love of food,

Harvest Table