Plant Forward, Planet Forward

We know that consuming plant-based proteins is one of the biggest ways we can reduce our carbon emissions when it comes to food. This is why Ranger Dining offers plant-based alternatives throughout the day at The Table. These plant-forward meals provide students with new and unique flavor profiles while supporting our carbon footprint.

In addition, to plant-forward meals Ranger Dining is introducing Coolfood meals each Wednesday at lunch. Coolfood is a criterion deeming a recipe as having a lower carbon footprint.  This initiative was formed by the World Resource Institute, serving organizations in reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to food production.

By sharing this knowledge and these options we are hopeful that it will ignite conversations of sustainability. We each are making an impact on our environment each time we sit down to a meal. Our goal at Ranger Dining is that each of us who dines here regularly will choose to add a little more plant protein into our diet.

What does this look like in action? Well, if you’re someone who has eaten meat or animal proteins with every meal every day of your life maybe the shift is choosing one meal per week where you choose plant-based. For those of you who are already eating one plant-based meal per week maybe its increasing that to one meal every other day. These changes don’t have to be drastic and partnering with our amazing culinary team makes plant eating easy. I mean have you had the falafel here lately? Or what about the BBQ jackfruit? Who knew plant-based could be so good?