Staff Baker’s Artistic Talent Shines

In a colorful celebration of talent and creativity, Everett, a valued member of the Ranger Dining team, has embarked on a unique artistic endeavor. Inspired by his passion for illustration and supported by his colleagues, Everett has taken on the task of painting a stunning image of Regis University to adorn the walls of the dining hall.

The project, which began as a paint-by-number activity during a recent Staff Appreciation Day, has quickly evolved into a showcase of Everett’s artistic prowess. A student of illustration himself, Everett joined the Harvest Table team last year and has since become well-known for his baking skills as well as his artistic talents.

Everett’s dedication to the project has not gone unnoticed. As he meticulously paints each section of the mural, his colleagues and diners alike have been eagerly following the progress. Updates on the artwork can be found on social media, where Ranger Dining is sharing snapshots and behind-the-scenes moments of Everett’s creative journey.

“We wanted to involve the entire community in this project,” explained General Manager Patrick. “It’s a reflection of our commitment to not only serving great food but also creating an inspiring environment for everyone who walks through our doors.”

For Everett, the project is not just about showcasing his skills but also about bringing a piece of Regis University’s spirit into the dining experience.

As the mural nears completion, anticipation is building among the Ranger Dining community. Visitors are encouraged to follow @ranger_dining on social media for updates on Everett’s progress and to witness firsthand the transformation of this blank canvas into a creative masterpiece.