The Ketchup Results Are In

If you missed it this week at Ranger Dining we voted on a very important choice for The Table….
Which brand of ketchup do we carry?
Our Dietitian, Shelby, was hopeful our students would choose the Ketchup with fewer additives and sugar, Sir Kensington, but wanted the students to be the drivers of the decision to implement change.
We offered students samples of both ketchups on Wednesday 3.13 during the lunch meal service. The students were then able to try the ketchup with the curly fries served with the lunch meal and use a QR code to vote on which brand we would carry moving forward.
For students not able to make it to the dining hall the link to the voting poll was also posted on our Instagram page. Shameless plug if you’re not following us you should be 😉 @ranger_dining. 
Today the results are in and are overwhelming….drumroll please
90.4% of the students here wanted to see our current ketchup brand stay.
While our dietitian might be a little disappointed, we are happy to know that what we are serving is what you want.
Here at Ranger Dining, we want your voice to be heard.
We want you to help us choose what happens in the dining hall.
Your feedback matters to us.
If you want to continue the conversation, have ideas for the dining hall or want to share a positive experience you had here recently be sure to fill out our, “your feedback matters” surveys here
With a shared love of food,
Ranger Dining